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EnJoye Professional-Grade Breast Pump

The EnJoyeâ„¢ Breastpump is a professional-grade electric/battery double pump that is designed ...

Nursing Bra

Easy to open nursing clips Wide under elastic Seamless cups Pull-on sports ...

Pump In Style Advanced Power Adaptor

For use with all 9 volt Pump In Style® Advanced Breastpumps.

Purely Yours Breast Pump

Perfect for mothers working full time as well as those who just want a fast and easy pumping experience, ...

Purely Yours Breast Pump With Tote

The Purely Yours Breast Pump combines hospital-recommended technology and mom-friendly features. ...

Symphony Breastpump- RENTAL UNIT

The first breastpump with 2-phase Expression technology for effective let down and expression. ...

Tubing for Pump In Style Breast Pump

PVC Tubing, replace the tubing to your personally-owned pump or keep extras on hand.