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Category: CPAP

REMstar Auto provides auto-adjusting CPAP therapy in the System One platform. Its flow-based proactive algorithm delivers the lowest average pressure levels to meet the patients therapy needs. Featuring advanced event detection, reporting, and event response, REMstar Auto is a sophisticated smart CPAP device with all of the benefits of System One.

 Benefits bullets
• A-Flex provides pressure relief during inspiratory and expiratory phases to help establish improved patient comfort and increased compliance
• Reduced sound level while patients are breathing on the device for quieter therapy
• System One Humidity Control monitors room temperature and room humidity to deliver target humidity output while also dramatically reducing rainout
• New back-lit screen to ensure that patients can see System One’s interface even in dark bedrooms
• Smaller, lighter 15 mm tubing option for greater customization and flexibility
• Mask fit and seal monitor alerts patients and clinicians to potential issues with leaks
• System One Resistance Control optimizes pressure delivery for the patient’s mask while matching the breathing cycle for increased comfort
• Encore patient management provides timely, secure access to comprehensive patient therapy data
• On-board data memory with information readily available through multiple options of data transfer and reporting, including memory cards and modems
• Advanced event detection monitors activity so you can recognize when patients’ therapy needs are changing, and when they may require more advanced sleep therapy

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